Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another April.

Wow! Another April in the books, and with very few medical distractions! River turned 6 on the 14th, and since this year I felt the best I have since he was born, I decided to throw him a Super Mario party. Big success from the homemade mushroom and mustache pops to the pin the mustache on Mario game... It was so much fun, River liked it too. Hehehe. Then we had Jason's and my moms birthdays... Much more low key. I did have a little medical issue, well still have, but doing much better. My potassium was pretty high, which can cause some deadly effects, but it is on its way down now. I had to take some poopy medicine (pun intended) and by the following week, the feeling came back to my fingers and the dizziness and heart beat got much better. Potassium is some serious stuff. I have had to call the ambulance a few times before transplant because it was to low. Paramedics had to carry me out and everything. But anyway, most importantly, the doctor said my kidneys are fine and we will just watch my levels closely for now. Not bad! The Arthritis is a pain in the butt, especially in my legs,oh and especially when I try to sleep. I have been exercising, but a few hours later it feels the same again. It sucks, but it is manageable, for now. The brain fog on the other hand is very frustratingly returning. Little things mostly like forgetting common words again and starting things like laundry and then forgetting to go back to it. It is pretty mild still, but I can feel it. But enough about that, there isn't much I can do about it. It is just the nature of the disease. On to something that we can change...
We attended the Donate Life walk again this year, and it was as amazing as always, but GROWING! There were over 11,000 people this year, and the message is being spread. I want to thank Sylvia, Felicia, louis, Austin, Joe, Rhonda, Rylee, Miguel, my Mom, Dad, and husband for being there with me. Everyone knows how much it means to me, but they took the time to actually be there and support the cause. Such a magical day! But to top it off, Facebook came out with an app to become and share your organ donor status, and it has already increased registered donors by over 800% in one day. Pretty soon we will be looking at people funny if they say they aren't donors yet! (well, I already do, because really, come on, you can't take 'em with you) Share your health! Hehehe.