Friday, July 23, 2010

Home and Happy! 1st post - post transplant.

Me and my Live Liver Donor Nancy. Discharged together!
Well, honestly... All of the doctors (and my medical past) had us all thinking that I was going to have a lot of time recouping in the hospital... time to get all creative with my first posts after transplant!!! (Not that I am complaining. tehehehe) Instead, so far, I have been the quickest in USC history to return home after transplant... 7 days exactly, and both Nancy and I were doing to good to stay in the hospital, and we were ready to go home and cuddle with our families!
I have so many amazing stories to share with you guys... I get all giddy just thinking about some of them, amazing!! Most important and even harder for me to believe are the changes my body feels with a healthy liver (Half a liver, even) The day of my surgery I threw up all morning (delaying our surgery start time by about an hour) and I haven't vomitted since.... Not one time. --If you are just tuning in.... this is HUGE! but it doesn't stop there... even the nausea is gone. I wake up with no pain OR nausea! (well besides the 40 staples across my belly... yes, River HAD to count them, he says it looks like a necklace - Great... looks like I might have a hard-core piercer on my hands later on down the road.) hehe... Anyways, besides that, I also have MENTAL CLEARITY and ENERGY, no more bloody noses, no more ascites build-up, no more walking in circles! ....Did I mention the nausea yet. Makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it! Not only did Nancy give me a part of her liver, she gave me HOPE. Hope and actual anticipation (instead of the looming dread) of what is to come!!

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Kristi Vega said...

I am so happy for you, girl! CONGRATS!