Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tests, tests, and tummy aches

 Hey guys, it's a shocker but I'm in the hospital again... hopefully I'll be out in a day or two. I was admitted on Monday at my normal clinic. My doctor didn't like the fact that I puke (almost daily now - again) I also have a bili-drain that drains waaaaaaaaaay to much other stuff besides my bile (like all my nutrients) and my all night randevu's with the toilet. She said there is no way I am getting nearly enough nutrients... well duhhhh (I said in my head) I've only been mentioning this for months now - but not with enough confidence to be really listened to I guess. Anyways, they did an endoscopy for that and took a few biopsies of some of the swollen red parts of my intestine. They also found a lot of fluid still in my stomach, which should not have been there anymore since I hadn't put anything in my mouth since the day before. This is called Gastroparesis and hopefully they have a pill that will work to fix it it along with some diet changes (again). Basically, your stomach contracts to push all your foods and liquids to its next stop, but mine is not doing that, so everything is staying stagnant in my stomach, which is why I can throw  up food that I ate days before. They suctioned everything out of my stomach and I did not throw up the rest of Tuesday or Wednesday, though I am starting to feel a lil heavy again.
As I mentioned before, they also found that the veins in my esophagus and small intestine are swollen, which confirms that portal hypertension has began. As for the biopsy, I'll keep you posted on the results, I am sure it is just one more swollen area due to my liver.

The other reason I am here at USC is to finish up all the testing for my second transplant. So far so good, I even got told I have a beautiful heart. awe... I know, I said. hehehee. I think that I have completed them all this week... Since my organs aren't as mature as a lot of the other people getting transplants I do get to skip a lot of the evaluation tests... like the colonoscopy and mammogram. Of course if you are going in for a transplant evaluation test, it also helps if you still have the organ they are testing. (that was an awkward one) tehehee.
There isn't much more they can do for me, so they might as well send me home... otherwise there is going to be an easter egg hunt on 6 south at USC. :)

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