Monday, May 9, 2011

Donate Life Walk 2011

It was another magical day in Fullerton at the 9th Donate Life walk. There were over a thousand more people this year and it just keeps growing! We even had some more people there supporting Team Larry. I almost didn't make it that morning, I was so sick... but I HAD TO DO IT! There are so many people waiting for the gift of life (and I am one of them... again)  Hopefully people are starting to realize just how much of a shortage we have, and how many people are dying waiting. But when you go to an event like that, it brings back hope. If everyone can just get the word out and sign their donor cards. We as people have the chance to be someone's miracle, and will live on forever with the recipient and their family :)

The Najera's and Albertoni jrs
The Albertoni's
The Starks' and Rocha's
I do have to say, about half way through we were all asking... did we accidently take the 5K instead... My whole team was looking a little tired (and hot) But as you see, we all made it to the finish line!! After that we headed over to the free food and listened to some music (some that made you wanna cry, like "somewhere over the rainbow" Sang by an American Idol runner up. Of course that was only until the kids found the bouncy houses and big slides. The only thing I can really say is.... if you have a bag attached to you for any reason... bring a spare. Thank God for the Red Cross truck who had some tape I could wrap it in to stop the leak but still, I was a little upset at Billy the bili drain for keeping me off to the sidelines even more. hehe. Anyways I wanted to give a HUUUUUUUGE thank you to those who came out and supported Donate Life! It was a great and uplifting day. Donate life!! Donde Vida!!

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