Saturday, February 2, 2013

A little late, but good news.

Well! Just a little update. I had my clinic appointment the week before last, and got better results than I thought. My labs were actually a little better than they were 3 months ago! I was shocked, and so happy.
We are not sure why, but I have made a few changes over the last 2 months that may have something to do with. First, I was weened off of my Wellbutrin. This is proving to be difficult for me. I have been on one form or another since I was 14, but I have heard that it raises your liver counts, so I felt I had to try. I have also started juicing again. Hehe. Well, more like, smoothie-ing, and I love it. I also have cut out most processed foods (I can't give up some things completely) and I have really noticed a difference... My insides just feel cleaner.
I feel bad for taking a break on my health (not a break like most people would have, I still took my pills and protected my new liver, and I didn't really eat unhealthy) I could have been doing more, but I am focused now. Part of me was waiting for me to feel 100% better, and the other part was just waiting for me to get sick again. It is a feeling I have to learn to fight better, and it has gotten a little rougher without my happy pills. My doctor did say, that this is it. My body has reached it's peak. It is healed physically, so this is what I'm stuck with. Hehe, it's not that bad, now I just need to do the rest.
My stomach issues have not gotten better, but they haven't gotten much worse either. I do have to be careful, because I will throw up again in the mornings when it is at its weakest, but my food is still digesting, so I will just be content with that. Speaking of digestion, I found out that the pain I get (along with the embarrassing vacuum sound) where my G-tube was, will not be going away. I won't go into details as to what happens to your insides after a long term feeding tube is removed, but apparently, it is normal.
I think that is it... I am going to go for a run.. Mostly jog... Ok, walk, but I'm building up to a run for this...
Donate Life Run
It's that time again! Saturday, April 27th, is the Donate life run/walk. I'm going to try and do the 5K this year, but we'll see if my arthritic body can take it. Either way, I hope to see some of you there... Running or walking!

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