Saturday, April 20, 2013

Birthday celebrations and doctor appointments.

It has been another busy April so far. I am still working... And pretty tired because of it, so I was relieved when River said he wanted to go to Legoland, instead of having a party for his 7th birthday. Thanks to his Ahma, Papa, and some very dear friends of mine, we were able to make a week out of it. The Saturday before his birthday, he went to Knotts Berry Farm with his Grandparents and Cousin. Then on Tuesday, my sister and I took River to Disneyland and his first Cars Land experience. Saturday we managed to drag Dad to Legoland (and I think he liked it.) Sunday, we had a family dinner at River's favorite resturaunt, and Monday I took pizza and cupcakes to his class. Originally I thought I was getting off easy, but now that I'm looking at it... Hehehe.
There are still a few more birthdays to celebrate this month, I am gong to USC to answer questions (or something) at a booth they are doing for donate life month on the 25th. We have the annual walk coming up on the 27th, which I can't wait for, but I also have biopsy scheduled for the 29th (blah). The next day, Jason and I have our first (of 6) three hour class to become certified foster parents. Exciting stuff, and even though I am trying not to get my hopes up, I can't help but to wonder what our little boy is doing out there... If he is ok. Hold on little buddy, we're coming! Nope, not getting my hopes up at all. I know that some people might think that we shouldn't be thinking about adopting with my health, and I hear you, but we have discussed it, and we feel we can do it.
Speaking of my health. I have a new medicine to take twice a day. It is called Sulfasalazine, and is suppose to help with the Rheumatoid Arthritis, but be gentle enough on my liver and kidneys to handle. It can take a few months to kick in, but I'm really hoping it gives me some relief. Hopefully I will be able to take it without any side effects. I've been cutting my lidoderm patches into strips and putting them on my "forefeet". That has been pretty amazing, but I can't be putting patches everywhere.
I'm not complaining though, things are pretty good. I finally got rid of my crappy general doctor, and am back on my regular anti-depressants... So my mood should be starting to stabilize any flipping day now. :) The newest liver is holding in there, we're working on the RA, and if we can get it under control, it might even help lessen my fatigue. That would be nice.
Happy spring my loved ones!

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