Wednesday, November 3, 2010


'Ello! I know I've been quiet lately. I've been waking up these last few days in a panic thinking I have a USC appointment (which I don't - a bit of anxiety me thinks) I did have one this last Monday, and my doctor came in with her hands up and said "We are starting all over with your case!" This worries me some. They are completely stumped... supposedly Hepatitis C is one of the most common reasons people need liver transplants, and my case stumps 'em.  "Don't you worry - I don't know how yet, but we are going to get you better" she then said. This statement also worries me (as well as makes me feel nice -- the dedication! hehe) What she meant by starting all over is, they will be going over my case again in a meeting on Thursday, revisiting all previous medical records - and will hopefully find something that they missed before.
Meanwhile, some things have not gotten any better around here. My "liver pain" (I put it in quotes because doctors roll their eyes when you say that your liver hurts - yes it is an organ that cannot feel pain - what you are actually feeling is the tissue around it hurting when your liver begins to swell, but who the heck wants to say all of that when you're in pain? Whatever it flippin is... it hurts) Anyways, it has gotten worse, but doctors are hesitant - yes hesitant (which means that if I demanded it, I would get it) to give me anything stronger for the pain, but they did tell me I can take 2 of the pain pills that don't work if I need to. :) Besides that, going out has been a little rough because I am still getting sick after I eat, and other times too (just to throw me off) All of this is draining me, and I am becoming a hermit, but at least a hermit stays HOME... so I'm not complaining (really) As for my Liver Function Tests, they are still bouncing around like crazy, but my Bilirubin has come down to 7 (just 6 more points to go) and I am  less itchy and yellow! whoo hoo.
I also barely made it home in time to do some Halloween stuff with the family (It was my first time ever in my own home that I didn't decorate :() We started two days after I got out of the hospital with Mickey's Trick or treat bash at Disneyland and even made it to a pumpkin patch with a lil haunted house a few days later. Halloween night we took him around the neighborhood and he declared that Halloween was the best! hehe.

On a totally different subject: The other day my Nana came over to visit and River asked her why she talked so crooked. Crooked? No one understood, so River deepens his voice and makes it raspy as he says "You knooooow, like this?!?"
My Grandma starts cracking up and says that this was her second message from God to stop smoking! (Though I'm sure it's not really only her second sign) --I really have my work cut out for me with this kid.

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Jenn said...

"well, ate least a hermit crab stays HOME" LOL excellent point!!

also- sounds like you do have your work cut out w/ River, but what i gather, is that youre gonna have a hell of a lotta fun w/ it!!

i still think of you often and hope youre doin okay and hangin in there! youre a tough cookie and i know you can stick it out! love ya chica! *HUGS*