Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Am I being punked?

I thought it would be entertaining to you to hear some of the funny and sometimes inappropriate things that happen to me while I'm in. I'll just post them randomly.

This one happened the last time I was in (the hospital that is). I had a young nurse who was asking me questions about my sickness. I told her that I have done some things to prepare -- in case I don't live as long as I would like... She had to take it one step further and ask if I had a new mom picked out for my son. Hmmm, No -- I told her, for all we know, I could outlive you. (it wasn't a threat or anything. tehehe) That same nurse later said "ewe" when I tried handing her my bucket of puke while I grabbed for another (as if I didn't feel bad enough already)

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