Thursday, March 15, 2012

The curse of the Albertoni vacation....

Whaaaa'??? Three posts in one month, crazy. Anyways, I actually wrote that last post earlier in the month, so i got some rest in between, hehe, but these last few days I haven't been feeling as good. :( What worries me is that I have noticed a pattern over the years, and it all started right before a trip we took to Vegas over 10 years ago... (fade to black) teehee. Two weeks before our trip I got sick, went into the doctor and found out I had a rupturing appendix. I had to have emergency surgery... But that didn't stop me from going to Vegas and dancing on the bar of the Coyote Ugly, oh no... We had reservations already, after all. Since then my mom has joked many times that I always have some medical emergency or find out bad news and then go away on vacation (leaving the rest of the family traumatized in my wake) I think she thinks I do it on purpose, but actually the plans are always already made... I think God just knows that I need time to get away before I process the information. Even on this most recent trip to Big Bear, I had a clinic appointment the morning we left... So again, I'm on the phone telling my mom that there is fibrosis throughout my new liver on my way out of town. So now you can understand my worry when I start to feel sick this week and I am going on a trip next week... And I have bloodwork to be done this week. Dun dun duuuun. (River says that whenever I tell him anything he doesn't want to hear, so if I tell him he has to go to bed, he goes "dun dun duuuun"... Such drama in this house) but I digress. Well, on the bright side, at least I am still able to go on my vacations most of the time... I may have to bring along a wheelchair, or feeding tubes, or bile bags, and always lots of medicine... But I go! Hopefully those days are over though, the curse is broken, and I just have a little stomach bug this time. Especially since we are planning to go to Hawaii for our 10 year wedding anniversary (and my 2 liver-versaries) in July. Yikes. Dun dun duuuun. :)

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