Monday, September 13, 2010

2 months down...50 years to go!

Well, I was hoping to be writing this anniversary post from my ETC room while eating my tacos and getting my Mag drip... but as it turns out instead, it will be a mag-nificent Tuesday...  though, it will include a not so fun biopsy, boooooooo.  My enzymes are still climbing, so they are going to do the biopsy as well as check the bile ducts for blockage, at which point they will put in a drain (if there is a blockage) So that is that... I do hope that they get my magnesium under control soon. I am starting to look like a scared Chihuahua... except, since my transplant, I have incorporated a new diet rule... Always order dessert, you never know when it might be your last day in here! (the hospital, that is... although I guess you could apply it to life in general, but then I'd be really chunky) Which I actually better stop anyways, because I have been in the hospital more days then not lately. :)

On a different subject... I am becoming increasingly concerned about my sons womanizing ways. hehehe... You may have heard a few weeks back, when we went to the store to buy our bikes (I'll tell it again just in case) There happened to be a young girl (about 8 or 9) He started following her around the store... around and around and around - it was a small store... I'm not sure if he asked her name or if he just wanted to change it, but he announced that he shall call her "Flower" he then told her... and everyone else in the store that he came across, that she was pretty. Somehow, the lil' guy won her heart because before she left with her dad, she gave him a bead off of her charm bracelet... which he slept with that night (and to this day it sits on his dresser) I did later find out that he also calls my little sisters friend Flower (Sorry Susan, I guess it is just easier to call you all by the same name) but it doesn't end there... this last week we went out to dinner, and a couple with their young daughter sat down at the booth next to us. My son whispered to me "Can I sing a song to her" and pointed at the little girl. I told him that he could after he finished all of his dinner (which I figured, like usual, he would NOT do - I know, I am mean) However, on this night he must have been really hungry, or he just really wanted to get her attention, because he finished that meal! I apologized to them as soon as he stood up and got ready... saying, I bet you weren't expecting dinner AND a show. hahaha (nervous laugh). He then proceeded to sing "Another one bites the dust" while doing the robot and some break dance moves, until I finally told him that he needed to sit down. They didn't seem to be upset about this serenade, and it definitely got their daughters attention... but like I said, I am becoming very concerned. tehehehe

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