Monday, September 20, 2010

"She's got the Jimmy legs"

Before I forget again... I've been wanting to ask, anybody out there on anti-rejection meds that has the "Jimmy Legs"? ...I am assuming that it is the meds, because since I have been out of the hospital I have kicked my poor cat twice now. (He does get very offended by this. When I jump out of bed to find him after, he turns his back to me for a minute or two, completely ignoring me, until I have apologized enough in kitty massages) I have also kicked my husband a few times... (ahhhh, no apologies there, he looks up confused and I just pretend I'm still sleeping. muwahahaha)

I've also got a mild case of the "Jimmy Arms". Yes -- they do have that too... but luckily for my husband, so far all I have done is wake up with my arm (or arms) outstretched, still reaching for something from my dreams. Speaking of my dreams... they have also been VERY strange and strangely vivid. Mostly high anxiety type dreams, usually consisting of me running, hiding, fighting, or very late to something... but maybe it is just me, not the meds so much... anybody?

Ok, I better get back to bed. I've got another MAG-nificient Monday tomorrow... errrr, today.

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