Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Transplant?

Hey guys n gals. This is probably one of the harder posts I have had to make. I know that some of you have been following my story for a long time, some strangers, some family, and I appreciate every prayer and warm wish from each of you.... unfortunately it looks like there is going to be many more prayers needed (and probably a lot more posts to read from me. hehee) Little Sally is not working as we had all hoped, and the doctors have exhausted all other possible reasons for my continued sickness and rising labs. So unless my numbers miraculously drop, they will be re-listing me for a new liver within the next few months.
The problem with this is that in California MELD scores have to reach about 30 in order to receive a deceased donors liver. --This would be different if everyone signed up to be an organ donor. I have always trusted in Gods plan for me, but I am scared now that His plan is for me to be remembered and to show others the importance of giving life.I pray that this is not the case...
As for now, today they are sending me home. They will leave the bili drain in for now, but most likely will not be doing any more invasive procedures. They will do what they can to keep me comfortable and continue to watch my labs in hopes that they drop on their own, but that is not likely. I love my team at USC and I have faith that they will do whatever possible to keep me going, but it is now completely in Gods hands.

So today when I get home I will give my family a big hug and kiss and make every moment count... which is something we should all do everyday anyways. :)

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