Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey friends! We got home from Vegas this last weekend. It was nice and (believe it or not) very relaxing. We also went and saw the Beatles Love show at the Mirage. It was AWESOME! I napped between things, but not as much as I thought I would, and I did not use a wheel chair one time (although at times I probably should have... ouch) We did a lot of walking, Jason even did a little shopping with me. Very nice.
Since I had my labs done the day we left for Vegas, I figured I would be getting a call the next day, and since I didn't, I figured there was nothing to big going on... No news is good news (usually, if you have good docs. hehe) And I was right. I was low on my magnesium, again, but it could wait until we got back she said... Just have some fun!! ..Ok, will do! So Monday, Jason and I drove to USC for my clinic appt. and infusion. And now for some good news! My liver function tests had come down some since I was discharged from the hospital. (This is good, but only if it continues to trend down - If so, it may keep my name off the transplant waiting list for a few more months... or heck, if it keeps going down, I may not need another for years!) But that is jumping the gun a little. --Bigtime.
My numbers do tend to jump around a lot, which drives my poor mom crazy, and is why I don't always post when my numbers are really jumpin'. They redid labs on Monday and the numbers did not go up or down really from last Wednesdays tests. So that's not bad (it ain't really good per say) but it's not bad. It just means more time in limbo.

Now! On to more important news.
April is a BIG month for me. Not only are half of my family's birthdays this month, but Rivers 5th birthday is April 14th. It is so hard to imagine that this little angel is going to be 5 and starting Kindergarten. I want to have a party for him, we haven't really had one since his 1st birthday. I told my docs that my "mini" surgery will have to be done the week before (to have my drain replaced again) and they said ok, so I should be out of the hospital for sure this year. That's big!
Then on April 30th is my big walk for Donate Life... and I haven't even started to prepare... I need to know who is walking so I can see if we can have a bigger team and get more goodies. This is so important to me. I just hope I have the energy to recruit and get the word out. Let me know if you will be in Fullerton the weekend of April 30th. It is a heart-warming event. Live Life then Give Life people. That is what it is all about. I want to form a team again so let me know what you think. Get some more info here:

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