Saturday, March 5, 2011

LFT's on the rise again

These last few years I feel that I have been trudging through quicksand, and am so focused on trying to get out that I am missing my life (well, what I could enjoy of it in between all of this.) I know that my body has gone through a lot, but it has been almost 8 months since my transplant and my body is still hunched over --of course some of it could be habit... I did seem to hang on to my pregnancy "waddle" for a while after River was born. Plus, since July, I have had 3 "mini" surgeries, about 7 biopsies, a stent placement (and removal)... and so on, but still, it just seems like I should be pushing myself to do more. Right now, I am mostly just trying to make it through the day. Between keeping River entertained, cleaning up the house (and I am using "cleaning" very loosely) and managing my daily roller coaster of health, I don't have much time to do much else; and even if I do have a little time to make a phone call or do some crafting, a nap always ends up winning.
Though I cannot do much about it right now... I am back in my adjustable bed, halogen lights above --yes, I am back at USC. Thursday I had my routine blood work (it was supposed to be Wednesday but my car battery was dead when I tried to go - see... that is how little I do... my car never used to sit long enough to drain the battery!) Anywho, I had an inkling that the docs were going to want to admit after reviewing Thursdays labs, not only because of the "kicked in the gut" feeling that  is back -- I usually feel it when my liver is inflamed, but also (I now realize) I have a little extra nausea, a little extra tired and weakness feeling when my liver enzymes rise as well. For example, (not to get to technical) there are a few tests that are always done to check how the liver is doing; 2 of them, one called AST and one called ALT normally range between about 5 and 50. Higher levels of AST & ALT indicate damage or injury to the liver. When I was discharged last week, my counts were just over 400 & 500 (still pretty bad) but today, 600 & 700. NOOO BUENO! Even my bilirubin went up a little... and I was almost half way to a normal level on that one.
So, I am not quite sure what the plan is for me in here this trip. I do know they have me NPO (no food or drink after midnight) so there may be some kind of procedure done in the morning... hopefully just an MRCP or something - I don't feel like doing anything invasive.Either way, hopefully they get me out quick, painless, and without any  new meds to take. heheee. I'll keep you posted.
As far as my life living, I guess I can cut myself some slack until sometime in August... that should be the last of my "mini" monthly surgeries. Hopefully my bile duct will be flowing freely by then, without the extra baggage. teheehee.

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