Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The latest info

So, here are my most recent projects...Above is the beginning of the bills, lab results, medical instructions, and release forms that really need to be organized, and my regiment of meds. I am mainly documenting this because right now, though I am on a few meds and vitamins already, I know that within months this can change. Eventually my medication costs will be averaging over $10,000.00 a month...(yes...month) This is of course if I am blessed with a second chance of life. I know that a new liver for me is in no way a right, it is truly a gift!

As for the latest scoop. I did receive a call and letter from USC, stating that my financial information is being reviewed as we speak, (gulp) and I should be receiving a call for my first appointment by Monday.
(Just a side note: When you call the USC Transplant center, the automated voice says, "For kidney transplant, press 1. For Liver transplant, press 2....." and so on down the body. It gets me everytime.)
Today, my swelling was good, slight pains in the kidneys seem to be better and I don't think I have bumped into a single wall today!
Tumor marker decreased slightly (which is encouraging, the doc said)
Ammonia levels are rising - Hepatic encephalopathy - (which means I am only gonna get loopy-er)
Kidney function is decreasing slightly (double gulp)

So that is it for now....Except, in the near future we will need to start fundraising to help with costs, as of right medical share of cost is $1257.00 MONTHLY. that is over $20k yearly out of pocket minimum. So, if any one has any ideas. I am looking into the NFT - National foundation for transplants for some help with this but if ANYONE has any info on fundraising organizations or even ideas for fundraisers, please, please let me know!!

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NFT said...

Hi Ricki,

Please feel free to contact me or anyone at NFT with questions about our fundraising program. We would be more than happy to help you get the answers you need! Best of luck, and I hope to talk to you soon!

Emily Joyner
National Foundation for Transplants