Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm gonna laugh until I cry....

I wasn't feeling to well this morning, and dreading the thought of having to go to the ER again....And that got me thinking about some of my hospital experiences. A few things I have to say first...I have met true angels in the form of health care professionals, people that God had to have sent down for me at the perfect time, but I have also met some that make you wonder...why? Why did this person choose to HELP others? Also, I want people to be aware, I have spent many weeks in hospitals throughout my life, and some times it is only by Gods good graces that I made it out alive...You have to pay attention, question what nurses are doing sometimes, trust your gut always, and by all means, let them know if something is not right! So here are a few stories, don't feel bad about laughing, I laugh all the time, sometimes even when it's happening.

Here is one of the most recent ones...I am still sporting the little bruise from the tourniquet.
--My nurse was angry that day my friends, and I came in somewhat unresponsive via ambulance. She was complaining about the fact that she was overworked and very frustrated that she had to wait for my answers to her questions between my vomiting. She continued to put my IV in for fluids and a catheter in and about an hour later I was sent down to get an ultrasound. While down there the tech found 1. the tourniquet was still on my arm (tight and bruised) and 2. my catheter was clipped (making it pointless) Nice.

--Once, when I had my gallbladder out, the nurse unhooked me from all my little machines, helped me to the bathroom, and then went to lunch....Jason and my mom found me soon after.

--When I had my biopsy, my doctor admitted that she numbed the wrong area. I passed out.

--On my own, I did a little damage myself. My first day out of ICU, (they use different food trays in there - you need strength to push it down...makes sense to me) On the 3rd floor, you need strength to pull it up, so if you push the button in, BAM, it drops right on the tummy that just received 3 surgeries. That hurt, but no harm done and it's funny now.

--When you are on anti coagulants, and the nurse tells you to put pressure on something, don't mess around, hold tight, because it's not fun having to change beds in the ICU.

--When the doctor tells you not to over exert yourself when first re-learning to walk, LISTEN....or you might end up puking in the hospital hallway in your robe because -- the window IS to far over there.

--Those ones were real, now quickly...just to let you know how wicked the drugs are in there, I'll let you know somethings that I realized later, were.....not. hehe
I swore up and down that one of the nurses promised me a milk shake, and the other nurse took it away.
The old guy (Darth Vader's boss) was in my room for a few hours
I was frustrated, because I was tired and the TV was annoying me so I opened my eyes to turn it off, and it wasn't on.
And the biggest conspiracy, was they had a cake for one of the other new moms in the ICU, but not for me...uh huh. I know there are some more, but that's all for now, let me know if you have any stories...hehe

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**Ricki** said...

One that I forgot...Peggy on TC reminded me! If you have long hair, cut it or braid it somethin' fierce because doctors will tape anything down (including hair) and that just needs to be cut after...and it's not so pretty when the nurses take scissors to your hair and then try to fix it with a tourniquet or gauze made rubberband...hehe