Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The reason the Jelly's in the freezer and potatos are cookin in the cupboard...

Today I realized that I take my mind for granted way to much and that I need to cut myself some slack, there are reasons we are loony sometimes.... Everything has to be jussssst right in our bodies to function properly, one thing can cause a domino effect! I got the results today of my latest blood work, (to much ammonia in the blood - Hepatic Encephalopathy) and a new medicine to go with it...hehe. I have to admit, me and my mom sang the Pina Colada song when I opened that bad boy does taste pretty tropical --sweeeet. Actually, everyone in the family had a different song or skit for the gallon of Lactulose.....Rylee, had the I love Lucy, Veeta Vita Vegiman skit slurring, while Bryan was singing..."just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down"... While I danced down the Walmart isle....(luckily I get my perscriptions at's the only place you can do that -- and not look out of place) Maybe I wasn't always this out that first step, it's a lulu. hehe...but, this newest medicine should help with the "fog" and even the day/night reversal...hopefully. I vow to no longer store the jelly in the freezer, try to cook the potatos in the cupboard, or ask..."Wait, what was I doing again?" long as I can remember to take my medicine...huh, this is tricky already. (DON'T WORRY UNOS, I HAVE A MED TRACKER FOR AFTER THE TRANSPLANT...HEHE)

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