Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May USC Clinic

Whoa nelly it was a long day yesterday. Gone by 7:00am, with my 24 hour sample of urine in my oversized jug (just another fun test they make you do, incase you had any dignity left) for the lil trip up to USC. The first person to come in and visit me was Janelle (who I would not even know existed if I didn't have a living donor) She introduced herself to me and gave me a very quick rundown of what will happen starting in June for a July surgery, if all comes back good with these blood tests. I'll be meeting with the surgeons, (I am going to hint around to a tummy tuck while they are in there. hehehe) the anesthesiologist, and we shall be viewing our lovely accommodations.
I then met with my doc, who was impressed with the way I looked (not in that way... he is looking at color, eyes, and fluid retention. I do have a slight ascites build-up right now (hence the weight jump from 108 to now 117), and of course they assumed that I was going heavy on the salt... If they only knew. (lately 2000mg of sodium has been real easy to keep under, we pretty much stick to the 4 corners of the supermarket... the fresh foods. All the processed, boxed, and canned foods are down the middle) but I mentioned that the only canned food I eat, is the green beans and that set up a flag, so they sent the nutritionist in. Of course when I described my diet and the fact that I get the "no salt" not the "less" salt green beans, that consultation was over fast. hehe. I was amazed to hear that people in need of liver transplants will still eat fried, greasy, salty, or fatty foods. Anywho, since I am beginning to have more ascites flare ups (completely unrelated to anything I do or eat) I have a new med to add to the growing list of daily pills. This one is a mild antibiotic, just to reduce the fluid in my belly from becoming infected... That, he said, is a very bad prognosis.
So all in all, it was a good clinic. I will find out my blood results by the end of the week, to see my new MELD score. If it has stayed the same or gone up a point or two, then the surgery will be ago for July... If it has gone up significantly, then a partial donor will be off the table (as I will need a full sized deceased liver) and if it has gone down significantly, then they would want to push the surgery back until my MELD was back up around the 15 mark. (The possibilities of the second two are highly unlikely... but I'll take the latter of the 2 if by choice. hehe)

On an even more personal note, I myself have not been doing to well... My energy level has taken another nose dive and Larry has been a real pain in my side these last few weeks. I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since I started vomiting daily, (Thank God that has gotten a lot better with my meds) and almost 1 year since I started disability. It really means a lot to me that I have people praying for me, even when I can't pray for myself, so thank you to my lil group of readers and supporters... It really does mean a lot to me that you have continued to keep me in your thoughts.


Nancy said...

The tummy tuck will be the first thing I ask for too! Hang in there...looking forward to spending next weekend together!
xoxo -Nancy

Kim said...

Well if they are going to be in there anyways, whats a little nip tuck right? I asked for that plus a little lift uptop :p Im still adjusting to my diet. Hard, but once I get into a routine, I know Ill be good.