Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Ticking Clock

Well, I have been a little sad these last few days... I know, I know, "Ricki... sad, noooo" Well I have been, and when I get sad I always go back to writing. Actually, when I am really happy I write poetry too.... but I was sitting here right now listening to David Gray and The Counting Crows (my peppy music lol) and felt a little inspired.... don't worry, it's just a poem. Bet ya didn't know that I am a published poet...

The Ticking Clock

Time to her has no meaning,
For it went to fast, and is quickly leaving.
Each grain of sand is slipping through her fingers
And soon, it will be only memories that linger.

Tick Tock
.......Tick tock
The time speeds on,
The monotone ticking of each second gone.

So she tries hard to drown it out,
She laughs, cries, screams, and shouts.
But nothing works - it can't be stopped,
Nothing can stop the ticking clock. 

by: me... hehehe 2010

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Angelkisses said...

I read your poem Ricki, and I like it a lot. You have great talent, and even tho you try to hide between your laugh/smile, I can only imagine what it is you go through on a day by day basis. I admire you a lot. All I can say is Don't lose faith. God is with you and soon this will be over and you can begin your life with you hubby and kid. Keep inspiring people. I believe everyone is here with a purpose and your purpose is to touch others and give people hope. :)

Much Love.