Friday, April 30, 2010

Hopefully I'll have loads of energy.... Tomorrow.

Pray for me guys.... I can't seem to get more then an hour or two of sleep at a time without having to pee or shift for Larry's comfort, I'm down to 108.2 today, my nose is packed with (YAEH at least it's not bleeding!!) old blood clots and silver nitrate. I've got the in-laws coming in today, and a 1K walk to do tomorrow... (there will be no wheeling around for me either) Larry is doing this all the way baby!! GIMPING IT OR NOT!! Viva life.... hehehe. (if you could only see me now wrapped in my woobie, fuzzy slippers, and sprawled out in my recliner... whoo hoo, that's me, true motivator) I have got to get up.
Oh ya, and I have driven two days in a row (only to doctors appointments) but it was a little nerve racking still; although, I feel a lot better with my glasses on!! (Who would have thunk it!) I still get frazzled and can not have any talking or music on... but I made it there and back safely. Probably not worth doing to often though... I went out to the garage this morning to turn my water oasis on (that thing has brought SERENITY NOW... *Seinfeld quote*) anywho, I was startled by a shadow of a hand under my tire when I flipped on the light, but the first thing I thought... the first thing was "OH LORD, What did I do yesterday" hehehe. My second thought... did not occur to me until well after... which was, "Hmmm, could be someone hiding under there" but it was to late, I had already reached down and grabbed the whole hand. It was my gardening glove. hehehe... but still, I thought... if I had to question whether or not I remember hitting something yesterday or not, it is probably not the best idea for me to be driving much. ;)

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