Sunday, April 11, 2010

Test Run

Well we failed terribly on this little test run here.Like I said, Easter Sunday was not a great day, but the days that followed were a lulu, and even though it was just a few days I don't think my blog was updated (So I need to work on that - Give Rylee my password, although Ry did update facebook, which rocks my socks... and also saddens me that we get that much information through fb) Anyways, it started out like a normal... "I need to go to the hospital because the pain is unbearable" so again the ambulance came and dragged me out of my bathroom, and Thank God they did, because once I got to the hopsital, I started puking up a pretty good amount of blood. This was probably the scariest to date, mainly because of the pain, but also, once the pain was gone, I was so drugged up I could not keep my eyes open. I actually am still seeing polka dots, hehe, and still pretty much sleeping day and night. I did meet some new people. Adnus and Anna were my two roommates and I finally learned the name of my nurse that I always get, Sheryl. She's awesome.. I also like that I get in there and explain the wonders of the liver and the donation process... ehehe
So, I left again with a follow up appointment. My vitals were not staying stable and they kept me on a 10 hour drip that kept my intestines from bleeding (lovely, huh) As for the cauterization of my nosey, in their opinion, there is no reason to do it. Capillaries will keep on bursting and I can't do my whole nose.
So I think that is it for me... I hate to have to mention that Jason's job is in a lot more trouble then he originally told me. He didn't want to worry me, but yesterday slipped and said something like "Well, we can always get Cobra if worse comes to worse" - That is not encouraging at all.
And lastly, I guess I should mention, since my hospital stay my weight has gone from 117 lbs to 124 lbs. I am going to keep an eye on that for a few days... make sure that goes back down. My ammonia levels were a little raised as well, so I need to ummm... get...rid...of that too. ahaha...

--> Check out River's new awareness gear! Whoo hoo. ((@@)) It is kind of for his 4th birthday, but if you know me... you know he gets "birth-month" presents. hehehe... I have no self control. :)

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