Sunday, April 18, 2010

Momma's Garden Oasis...

Yesterday was a good day. My mind felt completely clear and most of the soreness from the tummy tap is long gone. Though I may have (OK I DID) overdid it a little, because this morning Larry feels like he needs to be in a sling. But even I got into the action yesterday in turning our lil landscape into a little DIY Network success. tehehe. (I love those makeover shows) Anyway, I had been bugging Jason for oh-umm, maybe 3 years now to give me a little water feature and some pretty flowers on my back patio, and yesterday it must've been coooooold somewhere because I GOT IT!!
I find it super important in my pre-surgery and recovery time, and I think that is how I got him. Sucka! Just kidding honey. But I do have to say it is only the second time I have used this power to my advantage... Ahh, when was the first you ask? (Hey my blog... I say you asked) I have gotten my husband to not only leave the toilet seat down, but the lid too. How? by telling him when we first got Kaya (bout 2 years after we moved in together, he  constantly left it open) I saw our new baby kitty almost fall in by jumping up there. And one day, maybe Kaya would jump up there thinking it was closed and it was open, he couldn't get out and would drown. Not one time after that did he leave the seat up again... and now at year 12 together (yup I have been dating only my husband for 12 years now on April 16th. WOW) Luckily back then, we didn't have Google, so he couldn't look up to see how many cat toilet deaths there are out there. lol  I was willing to risk it for the cause, am I the only one who doesn't think it's kind of gross to flush the toilet with it all open so dirty water can splash out?
So Meditation!! Crucial part of recovery in my opinion. I'm not talking palms to the sky "Ommmmm" type. I just mean closing my eyes, listening to God's (and man's) creations and breathing slowly. I also believe in visualization therapy. (Check it out) But we only use such a small part of our brain, and I know we have the power to will yourself better - to a point at least. I like to visualize Larry kicking cirrhosis' butt! When I was in the hospital, they offered a touching healing technique that I know calmed my anxiety down right away... all with the power of touch. -- Did you know that you should hug your loved ones for atleast 20 seconds to release actual chemicals in your brain that make you happy? My last councilor taught me that. It's true too!
So meditation and visualization here I come... Babbling brook and all. tehehe. My way of looking at health is kind of like a triangle. I have God (or Allah, or Ishvara) whatever His name to you is. Then below you have Western and Eastern balancing out the bottom, Inside... a whole lot of good energy and prayer. That is what gives me confidence from somewhere deep down.
And now the sun is coming up, the birds are chirping and when I go outside this morning the first thing I am going to do (after turning my waterfall on) is smell my beautiful roses and lavender outside... revitalize.
I also wanted to give a special thank you and ask that you all keep my Landlord and her family in your prayers. Jackie has been a Breast cancer warrior for many years and was recently told that her cancer has come back. She is an amazing woman, and they have been a blessing to us. It saddens me that we haven't beaten this disease yet, but she has told me that in the near 2 decades since she first had cancer, they are coming along! So please pray that the treatment she is undergoing now will beat it once and for all for her and lets keep the fight going to find a cure for this!

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