Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2014 is a little to long for me....

Jason seemed a little jaw "clinchingly" on edge this morning after receiving a phone call at around 9:00 or so... He kept walking into the bedroom to make a phone call here and then another right after... but I didn't give it another thought and went on with my morning with Mr. cranky pants. Then finally, he spilled the beans. The phone call he received was from his work. If his company goes under (sadly over 20 years, it very may well) Cobra will NOT be an option for us. However, I would be able to still wait and (hopefully) get a deceased donor's liver through medi-cal, but NO Aetna means NO living donor.... which means.. well, it means I'm going to get a lot sicker before I get better, if I get better at all. We can only pray that his company does not dissolve (or at least not within these few months) so that we can keep Jasons insurance and I can get betta!! They told him that until Obama's health plan goes into effect in 2014, (when insurance company's can no longer deny pre-existing conditions) we are shit out of luck! God knows I don't want to be a "Free-loader" and I am sure (although at times my monthly insurance share of cost has been as high as $1257.00 with Medi-cal) and I still couldn't have a living donor.
It is like UCLA all over again... worried about not being given the opportunity live after I have been working so hard...."I don't know" the UCLA financial coordinator told me. "A liver transplant for you is going to be very expensive, are you sure you want to go through with this?" ....Oh man, if I could have reached through the phone that day we could have seen just how much POWER the little one packs. But I'm a liver not a fighter... Hmmm?? hehehe...
Jason is going to check into another Aetna program called HEPPA (or something)... but these are all a bunch of what if's... I am not really worried, because I feel that his company will stay afloat or that we will be able to get onto this HEPPA program if needed. I feel very strongly on this... call me naive, call me a crazy religious nut, but either way, you'll be calling me, cause I'm stickin' around.
I always plan... a Plan A, and a Plan B, then I relax and go with the flow because whatever happens next is in God's hands. I truly hope that Gods plan is my plan A though and not plan B... because plan B is waiting for a deceased donor and I want to start living NOW!!! (haha, that sounded bratty like the little girl who wants a golden goose in wonka) But! I will keep the faith... it will happen as it should.

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Nick said...

Hi Ricki,

I'm with Donate Life Illinois and we're so happy to see the Mascot on a Mission stickers! Thanks so much for posting. If you would like to share the Mascot Mission videos, please do.

Sharing your personal experience with your transplant process is so important and we admire your candidness. Personal stories are very motivating and I'm sure others have register as donors because of your blog. Thanks again for sharing!