Monday, April 5, 2010

Do over, please.

Good morning!! I hope you all had a greaaaaaaaaaat Easter!! Mine, on the other hand was filled with puke and sleep... and THIS time, it wasn't only me doing the puking. River wasn't feeling well yesterday either. He woke up not his chipper (bouncing off the walls) self, and lost his breakfast soon after eating it. Poor daddy probably hears the wretched noises in his sleep... Yes, both me and River were throwing up; and Easter Sunday this year, was not happening.
River being sick has all kinds of secret meaning to me... my mind starts running as soon as he catches any kind of stomach bug... "Oh no, is he going to be just like his momma?"  Of course, the fact that he has never been on antibiotics in his lil' life (so far) usually calms me down. I don't know what caused my liver to begin failing, but maybe I can keep River's from doing the same... at least until they find a cure "momma approved".  For now, River takes his multi-vitamin and an extra dose of Vitamin C (Vitamin C has been linked to expelling the HCV virus from children) and he eats a pretty well balanced, low sodium diet. That, with no damage from antibiotics and over-the-counter drugs should at least prolong the onset of symptoms (I pray) for him in the future. My poor baby. I don't know how moms do it with hurting children... I just sat there and watched him (now I know how Jason feels with me) so helpless... waiting to see if he needed anything. Once he wakes up this morning back to himself, I will sigh and do a nervous laugh..."See...he-he-he... everything's fine, River is OK." Then I'll have aunty Rylee and Ahma come over and do a little Easter egg hunt with us this afternoon. :)
On a totally different subject. Jason found out Friday that starting next week, his company is going completely virtual. (Which is another way of saying, they can't afford the lease on their floor in the CNN building anymore, so Jason will be working from home.) They have also cut their animators pay to 70% again until they pick up. So pray for them... and us, because without their medical insurance I cannot have a living donor... and I don't even want to think about what that would mean. But Jason has assured me that it won't come to that... Rezn8 has been in business for over 20 years, and as we know,  they have been slow before...  They are a great group, uber talented, and have been so supportive... But a little prayer won't hurt, times are definitely rough out there.

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