Thursday, April 29, 2010

quick update

Yesterday's doctors appointment was a little less encouraging then I thought it was going to be. I expected to go in there and tell him of my symptoms that are now actually affecting my eating habits, and come home with it resolved. On most days, eating anything solid causes (like a 5 on my pain meter) a baseball bat to Larry and my gut feeling. I have mentioned this pain before, but now it is daily and can have me doubled over for a while. The fix I got was.... basically, start eating pureed food or juicing it. Things like Malt-o-meal, mashed tatoes, fish... so that it doesn't hurt so bad. It was kind of like a... "Doc, my neck hurts when I do this"... "Well don't do that" type of response to me, but I do know that there is nothing he can do about it... it's just frustrating (especially when you have a co-pay.)
He also asked me about my Hep C. Since I am a non-responder to the old treatment, the doctors at USC have decided not to retry the same Interferon treatment again, which as I said before... I know that the HCV will come back and distroy my new liver, but this still buys me time... maybe even another 20 years, but I will most likely have to go through this again at least 1 more time. I know this already, trust me, I do, but it still is never fun to hear. "29" my doctor said yesterday.... "so young".
Hopefully todays Ear Nose and Throat appt. will be a little more productive... Maybe they can cauterize right there in the office. I have been super weak and dizzy, so I know it is definitely time to go get this fixed. hehehe (such a procrastinator)


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