Thursday, April 22, 2010


When you think of recycling you think of plastic and glass, shift your perspective and think of organs! 

Recycle Hope, Recycle life!!

Register to recycle your organs/tissue when you're done with them and get the facts on everything you need to know at:

Live Life then Give Life. YOU can save up to 8 lives. Remember there are over 106,000 of us waiting in America alone. Don't take your organs to Heaven, God knows we need them here!! 18 die everyday waiting, but YOU can be their miracle. So do it... do it now. Be a HERO!!
And recycle your bottles and cans too... what good are our organs with no beauty left in the world to see. Happy Earth Day!


Nick said...

Hi Ricki,

I'm with Donate Life Illinois and we were thrilled to see the Mascot Mission stickers in your post! Thanks for sharing and glad to see they have made it to the West coast. Please feel free to share the videos with your readers as well:

We appreciate the candidness and bravery you display in your blog posts. Its so important to share this with the world and we're sure you are inspiring others. Plus, we love that you named your liver Larry.


**Ricki** said...

YAEEEEH!! Thank you so much Nick... You don't know what that means to me! Like I have said before... DL Illinois has made it easy for me to spread the word!! Larry Loves Morgan lol!!
Anything I can do to help!!

Mom2theCs said...


I just found your blog and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading some of your posts. I am 31 and also have HCV and a rock-hard liver! I have never met anyone else who named their failing organs and laughed when I saw you called your liver Larry because I call mine Quiver the Liver. Ha! If you want to read my story you can here. Take care and I look foward to reading future posts.