Monday, April 12, 2010

Meanies, always giving me tests they know I'll fail....tehehehe

You know, I am definitely more of a kill 2 birds with one stone kind of gal... Since I had noticed a UTI starting when I went into emergency (It's ok, I'm sure I lost any male readers I had a long time ago) anywho, I mentioned it amongst the other "symptoms" assuming they would do a test to confirm... and since I haven't received a call from my General doctor to date, I called him. And besides the fact that I was treated like a hypochondriac for wanting to obey my discharge instructions and make a follow-up appointment, I was told that I should make a follow-up with my GI doctor, not GP. Just like that... I was like, what about all the other blood work? Any infections? what about my UTI? Do I have one? What the heck... "Ok...Thanks for ALL your help... tehehe" CLICK. I am easily defeated when given information from ah-hum ((BIG throat clear)) "Professionals" -- So I called Dr Jamal. I love them anyway... actual empathy; And besides the fact that they are actually going to help me out, she told me something funny that I had to share with you.

Though they failed to do the urinary tract infection test... They did (thank God) remember to do a pregnancy test. Tehehe... I asked her if I should be holding on to hope that it may be positive one of these times... "Umm, No Sweetie, I'm sorry"....  NUTS!! Ahh, don't feel bad for my nurse, she knows my sense of humor.
Sorry guys, no matter how many times I take this one, it's gonna be negative. hehehe.

Oh ya - current weight 124.2 - I've got to get this 6lbs of Ascites off!

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