Saturday, May 15, 2010

A new (and improved) Liver shall Reign

My Hero, Nancy
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Words cannot describe my happiness right now for the journey that this woman right here is allowing me to continue upon! Without this transplant, I would continue experiencing symptoms of my Larry failing on me until one day (within the next 2-5 years) it would take my life... River's moms life.
BUT today I received the call from USC... my transplant WILL be taking place July 15, 2010. (WOW)
One of my many coordinators (my favorite - from St Jude) Teresa said today that in the last 14 years their office has only seen 2 live donor liver transplants. Either the patient has no living donor or they are to sick to receive a partial liver. They need the whole liver, which means they have to wait their turn... and with the shortage, sadly, many do not make it long enough due to complications of the disease.
Because of my MELD score and my HEROES, Nancy and her family... I am one of the truly lucky ones! I will be better soon! Like.... a couple of months, soon... whoo hoo.
So for the next 2 months, I just need to stay focused... stay as healthy and as stress free (as possible) and I will be good to go! This could not have come at a better time, seriously - I was becoming slightly discouraged; frustrated at my declining health (no matter how hard I try) but at the same time worried about the surgery..."is this the right decision.... the right time?" But prayer and a little time laid my path out for me (with flashing lights and the flaggers that wave you in, pretty much) hehehe Thank you Nancy, from my family to yours.. Words will never be able to express it. ... just wow!
Move over Larry.... Sally is taking over come July!

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