Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day Six

Day 6 and I won't be going home today either. Though my LFT's did drop some, they want to keep me at least until tomorrow. Yup, that will be 7 days... the same amount of days I was in for the actual transplant itself.
A bit of good news though is that my immuno-suppressants have been lowered again. I am on only ONE pill a day, whoo hoo. 0.5mg of prograf one time in the morning. Dr Matsuoka came in this morning to tell me, and as long as my labs don't start going up, they will be able to keep me on this dosage. This should help to keep my HepC at bay, and also of course just helps so that I do not have so many of the side effects that go along with all the drugs that are usually needed to keep my body from rejecting this new liver... but I knew that Sally was going to feel right at home. hehe. Speaking of home... man, I miss my home!! Jason brought River to visit yesterday and today, and besides his million questions and making me nauseous from moving the bed up and down, up and down... it was great to see them. The other day my mom said that he was standing outside and picked a dandelion to make a wish. He thought real hard and decided to use his wish on wishing me better and coming home soon. I'm coming bubba!!!

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear some better news :) I love you and hope you get home soon! xxooo Love the pic with River..... making wishes! Thinking of you and always praying for better days squirt! xxooo