Wednesday, October 6, 2010

They call me Mellow Yellow

...But not today! I'm still yellow, but not mellow. I have been in here 10 days now and was told that I will be in until Friday at the earliest. Tomorrow the docs want to do an ERCP (where they go down the throat to check out the bile ducts) and are hoping that there is a huge bile duct stricture (in the doctors words) but sadly, I have a feeling they won't find one. I am guessing that it is just the Hepatitis C coming back. According to the Hepatologists, it is coming back pretty strong, so they want to start the treatments again on me pretty soon... like next week soon. Rats - I was hoping to wait at least until the new year... I did the treatments already in 2001 with no response, except the response from my body saying it did NOT like it. I lost a lot of my hair, stayed in bed (garbage can close at hand) with chills, aching bones, headaches, for many many months. And this time I have a 4 year old to take care of and all during the holiday season. (Yes, I'm whining right now) Oh and... they said the percentage of me going into remission drops from 50% to 25% after transplant, but they don't think I have time to wait for the new treatments to come out before starting. Needless to say, I need LOTS O PRAYER right now - it sounds weird, but we're praying for them to find a bile duct stricture. hehehe. Other then that, everything is doing pretty good. I can tell my husband and mom are becoming tired again, so hopefully they will let me out soon, besides, I really am getting sick of the food here. (Don't worry... mentally I am actually ok - there is just really no other way to put all this information without sounding like a whine... the only thing I am whining about is having to start the treatments before all the holidays... I love to decorate, bake, and shop a lot these next few months, and I have a feeling I won't be feeling it this year so much now.) ...but who knows, maybe with my new liver I will still have more energy then I'm giving myself credit for. :)

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