Monday, October 18, 2010

There's no place like home!!

Surprise visit @ USC

Ahhhh!! Guys, these last 2 days have been so awesome. First off, my amazing friends Patty V and Melissa G flew down to LA just to visit lil' oh me at USC! I feel so blessed to have some amazing friends and family. (Even some family came down for my surgery, including my cousin Boo who flew all the way down from Oregon just to support me for my this scary and exciting moment.) I mean come on!! How amazing are these people!! My mom and sis helped my girls plan the surprise and even though I wasn't quite feeling good enough to go out with them after, just them being there when I got released meant so much to me! We sat and talked about old times (ok gossiped mostly-but nicely) while I finished my magnificient magnesium, and Patty nearly fainted as I explained just how far a picc line goes in (and again when she saw the nurse come in) tehehehe. They are so great, makes me wanna cry. Then I got home (I know I'm skipping over a lot of stuff.... I didn't escape, the doctors let me out. They didn't really want to because my bilirubin is still so high, and my LFT's are still up - basically in those 3 - yes 3 weeks, nothing at all was resolved, only new weird things, like my first faint from internal bleeding, and stents in my bile ducts. But I think they knew I needed to go home - there was a sort of wild desperation in my eyes) Anyways, yes, then I got home. Took my first bath in 3 months (couldn't before because of the surgery site) ate some dinner Jason brought from Cheesecake Factory, caught up on a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and went to bed in my own bed. Then this morning, I laid with River on his little bed and watched him sleep for a while. So peaceful! I got up and fed the cats and let them out on the porch and then sat by the window quietly for a bit (until the wild child woke up) In the afternoon I made us some hot chocolate and set up the fire pit outside, and we sat there for a while on this gloomy day. My mom brought over a little board game my aunt had gotten for River and we played that a few times. It truely is the little things that are Gods greatest blessings!! Physically I don't feel much different then when I went in, but mentally, I'm appreciating life even more.

One more thing before I go! The power of one person is truly amazing. I just want to show this little picture - seen by thousands on the Television. Made possible by my friends at Garcia Boxing. Eloy Perez has gone green... for organ donation that is. Everyone of us can become a voice for what we believe in, just get the word out as much as possible and eventually someone will see the passion in your heart!

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