Sunday, October 25, 2009


No pun intended...hehe! Well here are a few pictures of our last few adventures...and the reason for my lack of blogging. We had the family in town for a few days... I've been makin' ribbons, and we've been enjoying Halloweeeeen time! Now, that may not seem like much within a few weeks to you, but for me -- Pre-napping and the downtime after takes a lot out of me... and that is only IF I am not to sick to go in the first place. Blah! But, as you can see by our pictures.... It is worth it!
I have also been swelling quite a bit lately -- maybe it's all the crazzzzy partying I've been doin'! Lol. (The waitress at the restaurant/bar last night even made a point to mention that --The Shirley Temples cost the same as the alcoholic drinks (Psssh... Give me 2 cherries then!) hehe.
Anyways, where was I... Yes, swelling, nausea, vomitting and the most extreme exhaustion EVER! I was tired when I was pregnant, I was exhausted after my 3 surgeries and having newborn-caused sleep deprivation....but this! I can't explain the lead in my veins, and the anticipation of not feeling this is already getting to me. I haven't even started my wait yet (technically, but I have been waiting to really wake up and live for years!) Which brings me to the most recent and IMPORTANTE` news!!
USC Called me Friday mornin' and rescheduled my appointment for THIS monday! October 26th. Why??? You ask...well, I did. No reason...they just had a cancellation. hehe. SCORE.
So, after a weekend with the family and makin' ribbons, and then a weekend of Halloween (Disney...and NOT so Disney) parties -- I will be filling out my medical history (repeatedly), gathering all my medications, not sleeping, and then -- with a few members of my "support team", our sea of questions, and sack lunches; we will be heading out to USC at 6AM tomorrow morning! We are one step closer to no more pain, vomiting, dizziness, lack of appetite, swelling, confusion, depression, bruising, forgetfulness, and constant napping!! Watch out baby!

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Darlynn said...

Ricki reading your blog is so inspirational!! Besides donating, is there anything else we could be doing for you? I know I should know the answer to that, but...I don't, so please fill me in!!