Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big News! Big News!

I finally got the call from USC this afternoon! YAEE! Tuesday, November 10th is my orientation...8:00 to 4:30...bring a snack she said. Humm, they don't know my family....I'll take my picnic basket (just to be safe) hehe. They are sending a packet in the mail with all of the information, but she did say that I will meet the surgeons, dietitian, financial coordinator *gulp*, and take a tour of the hospital along with all of the routine tests...
Speaking of poking and prodding the bruised banana... It had been 6 weeks since my last AFP tumor marker test. And so time again. (We are prayin' for declining numbers here people!) I took Rylee in with me today and we snapped the above pictures. These are just my normal days now...between River and family, napping, research, bills, coordinating appointments, and more napping... Ahhhh... I am just lucky to have such an amazing support team!! (I feel that I should say --I am in no way mentioning the above in hopes to persuade someone from UNOS, that I am going to be the PERFECT transplant candidate... hehehe... awkward silence)
But anyways, I just wanted to let you all know the big news...and share some goofy pictures. I love my lab techs in Placentia. They seem to have my kind of humor and are always up for anything. We decided against snapping one of the other bloody sign that said "butcher shop" -- Sooo tastless.
The nerve of some people!! tehehe :)
So, we are rollin' right along now....Good things.... :)

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