Monday, December 7, 2009

USC Testing - Day 2

Fighting through rush hour traffic on our way home from USC... It was another very long day. The good news - I got the results back from the PPD test, No Tuberculosis for me! Yaeh. :) Bad news... not really, but what should have been 1 or 2 days of testing has turned into 3 days because my transplant team scheduled me for a mammogram at a time they weren't even open. So now I have to go back again... When they told me I had Cirrhosis, I said, "Ok, What do I do to fix this." but when they tell me they mixed up my appointment, the waterworks start. I don't cry about much... but that was TO MUCH TO HANDLE! hehehe.
Yesterday as I was decorating the house for Christmas, and had the carols going... "Feliz Navidad" dododododo..." the Garland did me in. Trying to reach the nails on the wall... It was a challenge I would have mastered a few years ago, but now, I cannot jump up on things or even reach for that matter, without some reminder from Larry. I had a sharp pain, flinched a little, and the garland went down (along with my spirits ~awe~) More waterworks...Luckily River came out and said "Ooooh, How cute it looks" (really - he did) and lit the fire back under my butt. My husband followed suit and once he saw my watery eyes, put the rest of the hangin' stuff up for me - which I have never been able to get him to do in the past! So yesterday was a great day, and even though I cannot do everything I want to do - I can still do enough. Besides, I'm sure River doesn't mind that our homemade tree garland only fit around our heads :)

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