Wednesday, December 2, 2009

USC testing - Day 1

It was another full afternoon of testing at USC... Some strange things they do to you in there. After a nice long wait, my first test was a set of 3 injections under the skin (PPD) PAINFUL! While she was injecting the fluid into my arm, the skin starts to raise from the liquid (and once I found out that it was normal) I went into conspiracy theory mode (just for fun) What if this was like the matrix and green numbers started spreading from the 3 new bumps on my arm... What would this lady do if alien tentacles started coming out of these things and I started screaming "Get 'em out!" and then ((reality)) I look up and see the lady looking at me, because I am half giggling now at my imagination... These people probably think I'm crazy! So I looked down at 3 pea sized (now blue with bruising) bumps on the inside of my arm...still bleeding a little as we head on over to the other side of the hospital for more tests.

Blood Gasses - I will say that I have never had a problem or even a chill about them taking blood from me (I only hate shots)...Until now. They take it veeeeeery slowly, NOT with a butterfly needle, and from the artery in the wrist. "Hold good pressure" he said after - "We don't want it to look like a murder scene in here!" hahaha. Another test down, (along with the sun) one test to go!

The Ticker! The easiest test, the only one that isn't supposed to hurt, and they guy hurts my feelings... "What is all of the scarring on your abdomen from?" (pouty lip) He should have topped it off with "You gonna have more kids??" and then stabbed me in the heart he was testing! Waah! Thanks a lot buddy... OH YA! Where's all the hair on your head, huh?!! haha (Ok, that was mostly said to be funny, but really... why?) Anyways, he was actually very nice... and my ticker is tip top! :)

Round two testing - Friday, December 4th. Another 3 tests, 2 hours driving (Ok...riding), and 1 VERY sleepy n bruised girl.

Main concerns:
Jason taking yet another day off.
My share of cost... Unlike St. Jude, USC will not accept many payments, so my monthly $1257.00 is pretty much due in full at time of "service".
These next test results, (I could still be denied a transplant if any results come back negative.) Although, besides Larry, I think I am pretty healty... almost like someone in their 20's even. :)

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