Monday, November 30, 2009

Just a quickie....

Just wanted to let you all know, we made it home safe and sound! A great Thanksgiving weekend with family....I may have gained a pound or two here! It was hard pacing myself...'specially when I have to go take a nap but I hear talking and smell goooood food coming from another room. Sometimes, it was to much to handle, and like my son, I would whip myself outta bed, hair disheveled, blankey wrapped tight, neck stretched out...what's going on out here? ((Pouty lip)) "I wanna come out and play toooo" hehe, but I did good (mostly).

Today, besides sleeping, I got a call from Dr Anderson (I still say that matrix style) and my ammonia levels have dropped by half and are almost in the "normal" range... I guess I can't use that as an excuse (right now at least) for being loopy sometimes. hehe. This is good because it means that the HE is being controlled by the Lactulose medicine that I take daily now, however, I am learning fast that Lactulose is not a cure all. (Thank you Craig!

Tomorrow, Jason and I head on back up to USC for more testing... These should be the final ones (except the fun colonoscopy and psych) and as long as these come back good (no reason to think otherwise) I will be on the list officially. They just need to make sure I am healthy everywhere else before they waste a liver on me! sniff sniff. Cross your fingers and toes!

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Craig said...

I guess you read my writings on Lactulose - The explosive issue? then??? :-)