Friday, November 6, 2009

Lord....Make me Sally!

These last few months have gotten more difficult, and every new level of lost energy is ten times worse then the last! I'm losing all my spoons here people....and my mind is going with it. In my mind, I want to do things, but my body -- that is a different story. My life right now, consists of small snip-its of energy, and some serious frustration in between. (and I'm a lucky one) But hopefully, soon I will be able to do the things that most everyone else seems to do effortlessly....Soon, I will be SALLY!

Sally! I am jealous of a cartoon car! My Three year old has affectionately nicknamed me Lizzy from his favorite Disney movie, Cars. Though I think it is clever and cute, it hurts my heart when he is disappointed that I will be Lizzy in a race. "Why can't you be Sally" he asks as he gets ready and "revs" his engine. I explained to him that it will be a while...but I will be Sally soon. Doc Hudson has to replace my engine and then I am good to go! This answer seems to suffice, because now, every time he asks to race me, he lets me know that it is OK that I am Lizzy, "Cuz Doc hasn't given you your new engine yet, huh? -- but then you will be fast like Sally, right?" :) So I "putt putt," out the door, shakin' my caboose and slowly run down the sidewalk, while River does circles around me.... Collision diverted! hehe... Oh what the neighbors must think.

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Aunt Diane said...

This story should be shared with a LOT of others, both that are in similar situations & those that aren't.
At 3, River has such a loving, understanding heart, to let you know it's okay to be Lizzy.
I'm thinkin... it kinda sounds to me like River has named your new "engine," know what I mean?