Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey day update

Well, I just wanted to post a quick update before we head on out of town for the weekend. Love, love, love, the holidays... Even more so now because I get to see everyone all at once. (I can't "house hop" like I used to)
In spirit of the season, I would also like to give another big Thank You to everyone who has said a prayer for us, donated time and/or money, spread the word...Everything right down to the little comments left on my blog, keeps me fighting this! I am still amazed everyday at the generosity of everyone, even in these hard times...
Ok -- enough mush, here is the little update and then I better get to bed...We have a long trip in the morning! So excited to see family and friends! Not so excited that I can only do about one/tenth of what I wanna do...mentally. (I'll get used to it) So, as I said - I have very good news! I received a letter from USC stating that my case was presented to the committee and they feel that a liver transplant will improve quality AND quantity of my life (duh), and they feel that as long as the results come back good for the tests I was just scheduled for -- THEY WILL GIVE ME THAT CHANCE! This is huge because it not only means that they are confident that my life will improve and I will go from a life expectancy of 2 years to a possibility of old age! It also means that of the many tests they have done (Lab tests, CT scans, Echo cardiogram, X-rays, and an endoscopy) I have passed with flying colors (I am one healthy 28 year old) Now I still need a Psychiatry consult, PPD controls testing, Arterial blood gas tests, Colonocopy, Pap, and mammogram -- But if these ones come back good as well, I will be good to go! (I have no clue what a couple of these are...but I'll be finding out soon) All but the lovely colonoscopy will be taking place at USC on Tuesday, Dec. 1st.... Wish me luck, I'll keep you posted. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Aunt Diane said...

It seems like good things are happening a lot for you & they should be. I hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

ps... wear your seatbelt! <3