Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to be Ricki's donor.

A very special person pointed out to me today that I have not mentioned how someone can go about being MY hero. Like I have said before, asking for things is not my strongest asset, but it is true... A surgery, a few days off, a little scar (err Hero badge) for someone will mean a second chance of life for me. A second chance, without pain, vomiting, confusion, exhaustion... basically a whole NEW life for me!
So...Here is the information.


  • In relatively good health
  • Between the ages of 18 to approximately 55 (or in good health with no medical conditions)
  • Must have blood type A or blood type O

That's it!! The last step if you match the above....

  • Donor themselves must make contact with the live donor coordinator for more information, and to fill out questionnaire to see if they qualify. (This contact is COMPLETELY confidential - in other words, the donors coordinating nurse and I will never speak to each other)
  • Donor coordinator contact: Janelle Newkirk, RN: (323) 442-5847

So I will pray for patience and put the rest into Gods hands now.

Please remember though, that YOU too can be someone's hero, if not mine....Please make it known that you don't want to take your organs to Heaven! Live Life then Give Life! <3


Nancy said...

The Priestley family is praying as we start the process on Monday when we make the call to Janelle.

It was so good to connect with you over all that food! I feel like a stuffed turkey myself...

Thanks for making me aware - Nancy

Anonymous said...

Nancy from the bottom of my heart and our family thank you. Besides being brave you are making a very selfless act and may God take care of you and your family. I can't even put into words how I feel right now you are an angel and a sweet women thank you, Shari {Mom}