Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There is something wrong with Kaya!!

This morning (Ok, around three-ish) I woke up not feeling the best so like most mornings, I went into the living room to lay on the couch. As I lay there wide-eyed, I noticed something and began to panic. I was already feeling a little dizzy, but this -- this justified waking up the husband for (and River too). "Jason....Jason, come out here, there is something wrong with Kaya!" I said. He came out (last year...he would have been VERY upset by this...hehe) and started his inspection. He finally asked me what was wrong with him, to which I replied. "I don't know... He looks all fuzzy." I just couldn't put my finger on it... but something was just not right, my CAT was lookin' fuzzy.
I should have known that all was not right in the land of Ricki when before I even got out of bed, I looked at the clock, noticed light on the wall, and thought to myself-- Wow! Almost 3am and the sun is already coming up... It took a few minutes to sink in. Oh wait, turn the T.V. off and poof! Nighttime again. hehe...

So in case you have ever wondered why some days I'm here and some days...not so much, I go MIA when daily life gets a little ummm confusing. Which today seems like another one of them dayz. hump!

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Melissakg2004 said...

Ricki! Been thinking bout you lately...Dont have facebook anymore, but I remembered your blog. Know that I'm here for whatever okay? Let me know if you ever need me to take a personal day off and fly down there to help you with stuff, or if you ever need to talk! I know how hard it can be....I saw my dad suffering like that and it hurts so much to see someone you love go thru it, so I can deal with it...ugh so my brother is having open heart surgery in about 4 weeks,(yikes) so yeah, if you need me to take you to an appt, or whatever, there's not much I haven't seen:-) and i've gotten to the point where blood, poop, or vomit doesn't gross me out....heee. Praying for your new larry to come soon....in the meantime hang in there cuz a lot of people love you lots! Patty told me about your party...hopefully I'm invited too :-) ha ha....but please let your peeps know if there's anything I can do to help with the fundraiser, I'm in! Okay? I'm so down to raise awareness and lots of money for you! Sorry for this long ass comment but I don't have your email. Here's mine: Melissakg2004@aol.com