Sunday, November 1, 2009


Maybe it is because I am so openly vulnerable right now, but I prefer to believe that I have been sent many angels to get me through this time. (...He may be getting a little sick of me) But today, as I got on the computer and saw that donations to help pay for my transplant are over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! It really sunk in that it is going to be a long road, but we can do this!! I cannot say enough about my closest angels, those who are there day in and day out... But right now, it is the ones I'll never meet again and the ones I don't see everyday that I want to thank. Let me 'xplain.

Recently Jason and I went to The Slidebar for dinner... It was the second time in a row that I had gotten sick there (BEFORE we even got our food) I went to the bathroom and started umm...(in the words of Rylee...) Worshiping the porcelain god. I thought that Jason had sent someone in to check on me because right on que, I heard, "Are you Ok? Can I get you a glass of water?" When she came back, I opened the stall door and saw that she didn't even work there. I thanked her and apologized..."I get sick a lot" I told her, and as she smiled and said she understood, I realized that she was wearing a wig... a glass of water and piece of gum from someone who truly understood... What are the odds of that?
~~By the way, dinner was great. I got back to our table, Jason and I talked and listened to music. I ate my lettuce wraps, creme brulee for dessert and kept it alllllllllll down!

I met a man at Target who (for some odd reason) I shared that I needed a transplant with him. He then pulled his shirt down to show a massive scar down his chest. "I'm on my second life too" he said excitedly, "You will be fine!" ...I left Target happy. I believe him too!

Larry has now been prayed over at family dinners, churches, doctors offices, (although it worries me when one of my nurses asks to pray with me...hehe) And yes... it is a long story, but even in front of Disneyland in our pirate costumes. I have been told recently that I am an inspiration, a fighter, brave, and skinny... and lets face it, who wouldn't want to hear those words. Complete strangers are praying, holding fundraisers, donating, spreading the word on Organ Donation FOR ME... in other words ~ giving me hope, strengthening my faith in the world... so if you have not yet realized, I am thanking YOU! :)


Sam and His Girls said...

I love love love being reminded by perfect strangers just how lucky we are and to still have hope and be joyful in it. Have a great day....

Aunt Diane said...

Ricki, I'm so happy for you! Reading this makes me want to cry ~ good tears! You are an inspiration to me, you always look at the bright side of things (there's a song like that, you know).
I know you're going to be alright, too. Hey, how's the new name thing coming along??
Love you sweetie!

Mike S said...

Hey Ricki, Because of you.. I have added that donor sticker to my driver's license. All this talk about waiting to get a liver transplant... made me stop and think. I don't have one of those stickers on my driver's license. I too want to help give life. I figured I wont need them when I'm gone. Why not give some one in need, life.