Saturday, August 14, 2010

1 month POST Transplant

Whooo hoooo!! Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary (I know, I'm like a teenager again, celebrating my 1 month) tehehee... Can't help it, I'm so proud!! And to top it off, I had a GREAT night out, thanks to my friend Melissa and Garcia Boxing (and my mom for watching River) We went to the Eloy "Prince" Perez fight, and watched him TKO Campos is the 5th round. Now I must admit, usually I am more of a lover then a fighter, but even I was screaming (well, kind of...I don't really have any stomach muscles right now) for my man sporting a HUGE green ribbon for Organ Donation and kickin' some serious butt! I had taken some green ribbons for my friends to wear, but was almost in tears (Couldn't cry, cuz I didn't want my mascara to run on the tele') when Perez's team came out with green ribbons everywhere! How in the world did I manage that you're wondering... Well, I have amazing friends of course!! Garcia Boxing (who trains Perez) is no stranger to the shortage of organ donors. Max Garcia is the dad to a life-long friend of mine, Melissa, and 2 years ago, he was fighting for his life, waiting for a kidney. Like Nancy, Max had a living angel -- Angela, who donated one of her kidneys so that he could live... and living he is doing!! Lookin' GOOOOD!! I felt like a Princess, getting special treatment, even when I hugged Eloy and congratulated him on his victory, he did the same, insisting that my fight was a tougher one. (of course I puffed out my chest and did a little 1, 2 move. hehee) and today, I feel like I took a few punches to the body, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was another amazing night that I would never have experienced otherwise.
Even Sugar Shane Mosley was in the "green" spirit last night!! We got the word out to some people who didn't even know what the green ribbon represented when they first got to that fight last night, which was my main goal! We did good! It made me all the more anxious to get my organization up and running... I know, I need to finish recovering first, but I have so many new friends that are still in desperate need of organs, so I need to get on it, and fast!! I also know that in many cases, HCV returns and can destroy my new liver within 5 years... which means, well, I may have to do this all again... and it is my goal to not need a living donor the next time, because there will be no waiting list! It's a big demand, which would require just about everyone to become an organ donor, but call me hopelessly optamistic, because I think we can do it! ...It all starts with awareness, and that only takes me and YOU. So lets see what we can do! Even the smallest pebble will cause a ripple effect.

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