Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good News / Bad News

The good news is, My liver is not in rejection, nor is there any of the Hep C virus present in my new liver (yet). Sally is a happy camper, and I will be going home tonight (after more magnesium, of course)
Now the not so good news. While doing my MRCP (which is similar to an MRI) The doctors noticed a mass, a possible cyst on my ovary. (Which I have had before and are quite common) They wanted to investigate. So this afternoon, I was sent down for a pelvic ultrasound (the "invasive" kind... and I'll just leave it at that) When I asked if I could see the cyst, my tech said she wasn't so sure it was a cyst... she wasn't quite sure what it was. "Oh, oh" I thought... I watched her spend a lot of time on the left ovary, and then as I was ready to be wheeled back to my room, she did the dreaded shoulder tap. (Not good) On the way back, I started thinking of all the things it could be... maybe just a clump of scar tissue from when I had my partial hysterectomy? But my mind kept going back to my AFP levels. Just before my transplant, my AFP tumor marker began raising, which doctors automatically attributed to my Hep C/Cirrhosis.... Besides, who would have Ovarian cancer at my age, on top of a failing liver?
My nurse coordinator came in soon after I got back from the test, and I asked her, could it be scar tissue? Good thinking, but no, It is a complex mass. (darn, to easy) At that point I asked about the AFP levels prior to my transplant... and as I am typing this right now, a lab tech is leaving my room. He just drew blood to check on the AFP levels now, post transplant. (They should be back under 20, I believe, since Sally is doing great!) If they are still elevated and in the hundreds like they were before, I'd say we have a problem, but I am no doctor. I did get told I was Doctor Sher's favorite patient for being so proactive, and knowing about this... But right now I'm kind of kicking myself for not being a little more proactive earlier. I had thought about it before, because I have been having some pain in that area, a sort of tightness. But wouldn't my primary doctor have thought about it too? Of course this is the same doctor that kept prescribing me anti-depressants for my decompensated cirrhosis, and never once followed up on any of the symptoms like constant vomiting and edema/ascites.
Any ways,no point in crying over spilled milk now. They want follow up done by a gynecologist within 1 week. It could be Cystic neoplasm, a dilated fallopian tube, or a follicular cyst. However, if these AFP levels are still on the rise, that is going to be a very bad sign that is not the latter two.
I do believe that it can't just be coincidence that they happen to see this now, so whatever it is... I know I'll get through it like I have all the other things... but coooooooooooome on!! Give me a break here. hehee. (Big sigh) I'll keep you all posted, but I doubt I'll get out of this without at least a few more invasive tests and another biopsied organ.

 can go ahead and print that out and blow it up. teheheheee (I would... but my luck I would end up with some head trauma too.)


Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake will you please, please, PLEASE get better!!!!!


Me or Craig

Anonymous said...

I banged my head....OUCH!


Bratt LaRuez said...

Ricki, I have had Uterine, cervical, ovarian & breast cancer 4x's and hun I am here to say they are all beatable. I am stronger today than I ever imagined possible...just don't let the stress get to you cause that does more harm than good. I have lit a candle for you it will burn till you are home safe and sound let me know ok I am there with you in spirit..Your friend in cyberspace..Bratt (((((hugs)))))

Janice said...

I have had cervical Cancer and received surgery for that plus a partial hysterectomy. 10 years later a grapefruit sized cyst appeared on my ovary. Going in to surgery it was highly suspected to be malignant. Praise God it WASNT. It was however a tmor with leaders growing around my bladder and ureters as well as the main artery to my leg. It was all removed and Woooo Hooo Im great! Your mass can be things other than cancer. I'll be praying for you and excellent results!