Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesdays appt... Check!

One appointment down... three more to go this month. This one was quick and painless. (And just to brag a little... Officially 116 lbs. Eat your heart out) I got my Ear, nose, and throat doctor referral to get my nosey done (can't waaaaaaait to smell that one) and also an appointment with the cardiologist, because they are going to do a 24 hour echo (Oh ya... I'm keeping up with all the geriatrics on medical procedures)  Jason did go with me this morning unexpectedly, which was a nice treat. Even he commented on the "laid back" feel of my doctors office. They breezed through questions and the nurse tried to shorten my heart problem to GERD... I said "No, isn't that something pregnant women get?" she looked at me like a nut and said "No", and I said... "Well, whatever it is... It ain't the shortened version of Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation, I tell you what."  and I was right (well kind of. I googled it when I got home because they didn't have wireless connection there -- it's heartburn). Jason said, "Ya, it's a long freaking word, but she's gonna have to do some work and type it all out" lol. I almost left that office with a new disorder... hehehe. So that is that, not much exciting, just trying to stay afloat right now. Waiting for my Vegas trip really... little something other then the mundane.

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