Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You wanna give her whaaaat???

Meet Nancy. Nancy is a wife and mother like me... She is also my husbands cousin (just one more reason I'm glad I married him... hehe I joke) And incase you didn't know, Nancy had her first USC appointment yesterday to be the person to save my life. Whatever happens now is in God's hands, and we have agreed that if at any point it just doesn't feel right, we will throw in the towel. We will know... God will close the door if it is not meant to be. And I believe that with all of my heart.
But as I sit here in the dark again this morning, tissue tickling my nose and "puke bucket" at hand I can't help but to be excited. This can all change very soon... and I am ready for the change. Now, I guess this would be as good a time as any to also share, I am not going into this blissfully ignorant. I do know that this transplant does not make everything all better. First off, any surgery has risks. Secondly, I will be on anti-rejection medications for the rest of my life... any fever is cause for alarm because at any time my body could reject my new organ (but I keep everything... so no worries there) And ofcourse, there is the reason my liver has failed in the first place -- A transplant will not cure my Hepatitis C.  (I think Nancy took it a little personally when I told her that it will most likely begin to attack my new liver too) but it will give me precious time, and hopefully less sick time in this world with my friends and family. Plus, I'm holding out for a cure.                                                                               Tim & the Boss waitin'

Yes, this is only the beginning of our fight, but life is worth it, and Nancy... knowing that it is (literally) impossible for me to do on my own, decided to BE my miracle. She saw something that she didn't like, and decided to try and change it... Now I don't know about you, but this is something I aspire to! And that is why she is my hero now and forever -- Well... that and the obvious (liver sliver giver) reason. Yes, this is one amazing family right here, and trust me when I say that this gift will not be given in vain... I know that I may be one of the lucky ones; the fact that 18 people die and thousands more suffer daily waiting for this gift, never leaves my mind. And if by the grace of God I am given the gift of a second chance, I WILL BE part of this change.

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