Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tuesdays doctor appointment

Jason told me today that cars do not really explode like they do in movies if you shoot the gas tank. (while I am very glad that this one is in fact "Hollywood" fiction, I am always slightly disappointed when movie magic is ruined for me) However, this got me thinking of other things that movies and T.V. exaggerate. Many episodes of House have shown blood spewing from cirrhotic patients mouths and noses with bleeding varices, but is that the way it really happens? I may be slightly desensitizing and diluting myself by saying. "Ah, I saw that on T.V. and theirs was A LOT worse before they went into see a doctor...I've got time, what do you wanna eat tonight?" hehe. For all I know we don't even have the amount of blood they lose on T.V. in our bodies... Needless to say it made me concerned enough to finally get up and call my doctor to get my nose done. (cauterized, that is)

I will also be going in on Tuesday to schedule my cardiologist appointment. I have been noticing some chest pain and chest flutters these last few weeks and although I am assuming that it is some hidden anxiety, I better check out the ol' ticker just to make sure... It is past my yearly check-up anyway. (I got a leaky valve... or as I like to say, Thumper is a regurgitator.) hehe.

One of these issues might be the cause of the (extra) dizziness, lightheaded, tiredness I have been feeling... but I have no expectations to fix that... I just know that my appetite will come back if I stop bleeding all over my food, and that's a good thing! hehehe.

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