Friday, June 25, 2010

Better Days :)

There have been some better days this last week or so... a few days of normalcy mixed in with many days of anticipation on my life to come. My boss from my previous job (On The Go Transportation) gave me and Jason some awesome tickets to see Sting play with the Phil Harmonic -- Orchestra seats. We were so close you could see their music sheets. lol. (lookin' pretty good after that 3 hour nap, hehe) All I wanted to hear were a few songs from his "Police" days and I thought I would be happy, but I ended up falling in love with every single song he sang! Just amazing. (Then I had 2 bites of the bacon wrapped hot dogs that the street vendors sell with sauteed veggies... OMGahhhh. I could have eaten the whole thing (If you have never had one of these - don't, because you will actually crave these for the rest of your life... and come on, "bacon-wrapped" anything just screams ascites build-up) hehe. Jason had no problem with helping me control myself... by devouring my dog!

This Tuesday's USC appointment went smooth. They added one more medication for my "brain fog" and LOWERED my diuretics... yup, see someone's been doing pretty dang good with her sodium (that'd be me - and this is good because less diuretic means less stress on my lil kidneys) :). They still had no news on when my surgery date was now going to be, but they said they would have the answer by Wednesday (and they did). It was very hard for me when they told me that the date was being changed because of conflicting O.R. scheduling... I started thinking that maybe it was a sign. If things started falling apart, maybe this wasn't meant to happen at all. But the next day my mind was put at ease when I got the call... the date had been moved up 2 days to the 13th, that's it. Phew! This was a great story all the way around because the reason that there became an operating room available on the 13th is because a little baby got his liver sooner then expected!! WOW.  This now leaves me with less then 3 weeks of "Sicki Ricki," and then watch out!

...Oh, but wait, there is more. I received an email from the "Fight Like A Girl Club" a new website that is launching for warrior women battling cancer and other life-altering diseases. It will be a "go to" site for tips on eating, living, and dealing with your disease, as well as a place for fundraising and support, and they have asked me to be their "go to" gal on Liver Disease!! How cool is that?!? Oh, like me you're probably wondering... Why you? Well I'll tell you my 23 blog readers... (clearing of throat) And I quote:
"Why you? I am being extremely selective with who I ask to write for the site. I have spent HOURS scouring the internet, Twitter, and Facebook looking for women who are passionate about their cause and who seem to truly want to reach out and help others going through the same thing. You stood out as this person for liver disease :-)" 
Oh ya... happy face and all. It brought a tear to my eye... now I might be fired after my first rambling article, but hey... I've never been a "go to gal" on anything, so I'll take it while it lasts (besides, can you really fire a volunteer? - that's just horrible)
Thank you so much Karen and Chris!
It was a great night off from being sick.

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