Friday, June 11, 2010

My plans before surgery

One day, I better get the thanks of a life time from my son River... I sure am going through a lot of stuff to be around for him in the future... hehehehe... (I sense a future guilt trip) I am just so sick of being sick right now... Being this swollen packs some serious nausea. But I have to stay focused. It is a busy month for me. I know this sounds weird, but I feel like I need to push myself to be as normal as possible right now... My only problem is (yes... my only problem... sure.) is the time it takes me to recoup from each day.
Tuesday was one of my last USC appointments before the surgery. I had to have a CT of  Larry and an echo. Everything looked ok (in my humble opinion) Of course I left with 4 more bruises - my CT scan needed an IV for the dye, the echo needed an IV for a "bubble" test... both took 2 tries to get it right. This is my new buddy Art, who did my CT scan, notice his green ribbon!! Whoo hoo. See, I even spread the word while testing! Anyways, so 6 hours at USC and another 2 hours driving (well, riding) Two appointments left and then show time!!
So what is the plan. Well, today, Friday, my family will be honoring my Papa. His funeral is at 2:00. I then have to stop by Dr. Anderson's office to grab some lab work that USC needs done... This weekend, recoup from that. (I'll give myself the whole weekend)
As for doctors appointments. I have 1 clinic appointment left on June 22nd. with Dr. Donovan, and then pre-op is on July 12th with Nancy!! (Wow, coming up quick)
And since this is a pretty major surgery, with life altering changes that need to come after, I really want to get some family time in before hand. So, a few things that I get to do this month... more then I usually do in many months... This Wednesday, we were given tickets to go see Sting perform with the Phil Harmonic... VERY good seats. (I hope he does some Police) On the weekend of the 27th, we will be heading over to Tim and Nancy's where we will enjoy church on Sunday morning, followed by a 2 year old's birthday party. (Oh my, I'm already tired)
Celina, who comes over twice a week to put me down for a nap and help me run any errands for the week (my buddy, I am VERY lucky to have yet another person helping me out) ...Her and her daughter, Lily, also tire River out nicely. Here they are enjoying lunch, River is already pooped! I snapped this just before I got in trouble for not being in bed yet... Oh ya... she looks cheeky, but she rules with an iron fist. hehehe. Anyways, they invited us to Knotts before my surgery... "I'll wheel you around - We'll go on a weekday, don't worry about a thing" she says! ...Sounds good to me. I'll do it!! So, we have 2 doctor appointments, 1 Sting concert, 1 trip to Knotts Berry Farm, 1 birthday party weekend, and since Jason and I have forgotten our wedding anniversary the last 2 years in a row, we have decided to go big (for us) and take a "weekend" camping trip, it will be River's first! I also want to do a family picture... Sad to say we have never done one. (though we take lot's of pictures) I would also like to hit our little nature spot in Irvine this month... have a little picnic there and see the butterfly exhibit. I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but I think I would rather do that after when I can go water rafting again!!  I can't think of anything else right now...
If you think we are ignoring the big polka-dotted elephant in the room, don't. I know I have like a 25% chance of not being here after July 15th, and my statistics drop even lower for a 5 year prognosis... It is quite the opposite actually. I think that we are embracing it, trying to savor each moment we have together (between a few mental breakdowns, of course) I just hope that I can do everything planned this coming month. Wish me luck... Oh, and if you think of anything that I HAVE to do before I go in for major surgery, you let me know.... Really! (It was Celina who came up with the family portrait... a great idea!) Of course, I can't do anything to crazy or active for that matter... and, Jason is still (luckily) doing freelance work Monday - Friday so he really can't miss work, which limits us... but we are blessed to just have this money coming in, we don't want to rock the boat!
Oh, now would be a perfect time for breaking news on upcoming fundraiser events!! My aunt Bev, still kickin' butt, has set up a legit poker tournament to help us pay for medical costs. More details to come on that, but I believe it will be (probably) sometime in August in Carmel, California. (WOW) and speaking of fund-raising... I need to get Larry's kids up and running before surgery... I will need to apply for a charity, get an EIN #, and get donations tax deductible, so that we can help others that are in need of transplants... any help or a point in the right direction will be much appreciated on that too.

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