Saturday, June 12, 2010

Somber days...

Sorry about my earlier post... it was more of an ammonia induced, OCD moment. I am just trying to cover all of my basis here. I don't want to forget anything, but my writing lately is seriously lacking. Sorry about that.
It has been a very emotional few months (ok, years... but more specifically, these last few months) We lost my Grandpa Earl three weeks ago and buried him today. It was a beautiful and symbolic service. Since my Grandpa was in the Air force, they honored him and my family with the presenting of the flag and played the "Taps" song, which I know sounds horrible, but I always thought was somewhat cheesy, until today. The haunting melody didn't leave a dry eye.
I tried not to let myself think about my upcoming surgery, but my thoughts did drift to how I would want my own funeral... and I for one, would love it if everyone wore some green. I want music played, songs like "What A Wonderful World" and "Everything is gonna be alright", stories shared and laughed about and then at the end I want my closest family and friends to take home a little "piece" of me... Put me in some necklaces or something so that I can still go places with 'em. hehe. I do hope that this celebration is a looooooooong ways away, but we never really know... It is one thing that I am grateful for learning through all of this, life is short -- so live like it!! Every beautiful miracle should be celebrated and not taken for granted. Live like you're dying... it is very humbling.

On a different note, I have been swelling again and had a low grade fever for a few days, but as soon as I posted on facebook that I was going to call the doctor the next day, my fever disappeared and I haven't gained another pound (I haven't lost one yet either though) Hehehee.. I scared it away. That is why I always wait to go in... usually I can get it to clear up fine on my own, plus when I go into the E.R. it is like taking my car in to the mechanic because of a noise... as soon as I get there, the noise is gone! Anyways, my momma said my face looked a little better today... not so "chipmunk storing food for the winter" looking. :)
Well I better get back to bed... Being sick does have some perks, like, I can get Jason to go just about anywhere (he really sticks with the NO DRIVING rule - such a square) hehe... and we need some fresh fruits and veggies for the week, so we will be hitting up the farmers market in the morning. (ok, afternoon).

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