Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cranky and Flaky

One more thing to apologize for... I have a select few (you know who you are) that have continued to check up on me over this past year, yup it has been almost a year - this is one of the only things in a long time that I have stuck to doing for a whole year... that I didn't have to do. Anywho, this handful of people have called (and called again) and I have been, by far the flakiest person I have ever seen. I will blame some of it on my H.E. -- I forget to take my phone a lot of places now, but it is because my habits have been thrown off... I used to grab my keys and phone in one hand and my purse in the other, and I was out the door. Now I walk circles before I leave and end up with maybe one thing in my hand when I walk out the door... and I just hope it's not the remote control. Needless to say, my mind has not been completely clear, and then with these added 15 lbs or so of fluid, I feel about 8 months pregnant and cranky. Which makes me feel even worse, because if they do get me on the phone, I'm a real bummer.
So instead, I have slipped away to solice, and I am sorry... Yesterday, Jason, River, and I went to Huntington Beach, had dinner and sat by the ocean for a while. By the time I had walked down to the water, Larry was hurting so bad I wanted to cry, but it was still worth it (Luckily Jason has to forgive me for my snappiness when I'm hurting - I become short fused, to say the least) When I got home, I had several missed calls (quite a few from my mom too... sorry ma') but by that time, I was to tired to call anyone, though they didn't miss much, I wouldn't have been a hoot to talk to anyways. hehehe. Either way, no excuses, I have been far from dependable this year, but just stick with me another month... Then I'll be there... and FUN too!! OOOh, and I'll finally be able to console people with "Atleast we got our health" and not mean it as a joke. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love you and you have done a lot on your blog and talking with LOTS of people who are going through somewhat the same thing and I want to say that I am proud of you and I know I have not been on your blog much or read some of the things I should read but I do love you and I know your blessings will be plentiful and well deserved I can't wait to see a new women with energy and able to be the Mommy you want to be Not that you are not a good mom but being able to keep up with River takes lots of energy =) "Love you Ricki with all my heart"